Festival Circulations, Paris, France
17 March 2018 — 06 May 2018

Igor Samolet

TEXT MUSEUM together with The Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia proudly presented Igor Samolet’s project on 2018 edition of Circulation (s) festival. The exhibition took place at CENTQUATRE, as well as settles inside 13 stations of the metro and the RER, and were exhibited on the metal gates of Gare de l’Est in Paris.

This series was born when Igor Samolet discovered old photographs from the 1950s that used to belong to his dacha previous owners. By contextualising vernacular images in new photographical settings, the artist went back to the roots while keeping the history of those lands alive.

The idea of earth nourishing plants, as well as the past nourishing the future, was as natural as connecting self-portraits with the old shots. That is how Igor wanted to become closer to that place and to continue its chronicles. He gave his self-portraits different feelings, from mystical to funny, which filled his life in the countryside. Covering the face with masks from the nature’s materials, Igor wanted to be lost in the environment to feel better the place.
Artist: Igor Samolet
Curator: Susan Bright
Date: 17 March. — 6 May, 2018
Location: CENQUATRE (Paris, France)

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