Festival Circulation(s), Paris, France
17 March 2018 — 06 May 2018

Last Night I'm Done
Arnold Veber

TEXT MUSEUM together with The Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia proudly presented Arnold Veber’s project on 2018 edition of Circulation (s) festival. The exhibition took place at CENTQUATRE, as well as settles inside 13 stations of the metro and the RER, and were exhibited on the metal gates of Gare de l’Est in Paris.

The project Last Night I’m Done was shot during exactly one year between 2014 and 2015, and since then and it has gained a rich exhibition history. For this particular exposition Veber has prepared a special single wall edition of this project.

This is a story about the Moscow youth; about how they chose to spend their free time. But the thing is the idea of "free time" is quite condescending. If one does not really know what he really likes, what he wants from life, the idea of freedom brings up a feeling of emptiness. Emptiness which immediately needs to be filled, and it does not really matter with what. This is exactly what happens to the protagonists of this project. They study, go to work — they have things to do, but when it comes to "free time" emptiness prevails. They do not dream of anything; they are not really interested in anything; they really do not know what to do with themselves in fact, so every weekend they party until they are half-dead. They have tried everything in an attempt to brighten their reality.

The accompanying text does not describe the photographs, but adds to them. They are quotes from the project’s heroes and heroines which help feel the mood of the city and the daily life of its young inhabitants. The project is a reflection of the collective youth spirit — an abstract consciousness, what that consciousness is like, what is wants, how it lives, where it is moving and how it dives deep into the party dream.
Artist: Arnold Veber
Curator: Susan Bright
Date: 17 March. — 6 May, 2018
Location: CENQUATRE (Paris, France)

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